Thursday, February 11, 2010


I haven't seen snow since I was a wee kiddie! Mike woke me up at 6am just to see it, and it's gotten prettier since then!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh and this is my new favorite blog.

I've been so giddy while browsing through it!


We're finally unpacked.. two weeks later.

The only thing I have left to work on is unpacking the clothes and hanging/folding, and organizing everything. OMG and we aren't going to need a storage unit :) Mike fit all of our wedding boxes and extra things in the little storage closet outside! WOO!

So after unpacking everything, we both just needed to get out of the house. We went on an adventure to
Best Buy to take a look at TVs. Mike has wanted his own TV for his XBOX for a while now, which was ok with me because I wouldn't have to stop watching something on the big living room TV just to let him play his XBOX. However, we weren't expecting to purchase at that time. We stumbled upon a 32" Insignia (Best Buy brand and actually really good quality) out of the box on sale for $314. Mind you, that's typically the price of a 22".. Who needs a box just to lug to the dumpster later in the day!? So we snag the ticket and hunt down an associate. "Ricky O." as his nametag said, went to the stockroom to look for the remote and manual for the open item. He came back 10 minutes later with empty hands. Remote and manual MIA, but he was able to offer us the TV at $299 because of the missing pieces (of which we didn't really need bc we have a spare universal and you can DL manuals). SOOOOO 32" TV for $299, which was SWEET because our warranty dropped down a price bracket too. As Ricky O. bubble and saran wrapped our TV, Mike was so giddy to get it home.

We put it in the trunk and continued shopping around the Alliance outdoor mall, picking up some B&T dress shirts and slacks for Mike. Made a pit stop at Walmart on the way home and bought a new three piece office desk since we donated our old one before we left Florida.

We stayed up late and put the desk together, set up the PC, and attached both the PC and the XBOX to the new 32" TV. So now not only does Mike have his own TV to play video games on, but we have a 32" PC monitor. SWEET. It's pretty damn sexy.

So, that was my Saturday.

Sunday was a lazy day, made breakfast, hung out, watched football, made veggie dogs and brats, Skyped with bestie, slept.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My previous blog was about DIY-ing a wedding on a small budget and my life during planning. Welllllll the wedding was cancelled due to family illness and we got married outside a courthouse, which was perfectly fine with me as long as it resulted in the same ending.

Christmas Eve Mike got a phone call from his company's headquarters asking him how he'd feel about relocating to Fort Worth, TX for a huge promotion. The day before New Years Eve he was on a flight to DFW and returned to Orlando that night with HUGE news. They'd offered him OVER DOUBLE his current salary, a moving bonus and stay in a ritzy hotel while we house hunted. The offer was too good to refuse.

But.. Texas? I never saw myself as a "Texas Girl". As I said though, too good to refuse. I researched nursing schools in the area, found options for apartments and the "what to do" to set up residency (out of state tuition is RIDICULOUS). For now, I'm a stay at home wife.. considering we moved a few weeks into Spring semester and there was NO WAY I'd be getting into a school here. It gets boring, especially considering there is still unpacking to do and I've had the flu.

This new blog is just to keep me occupied, a way to keep in touch with the world in over 140 characters ;] I plan on getting into shape, finishing my BSN, becoming a fabulous housewife and hopefully.. someday.. making babies.. whoa scary. I want to learn new vegan recipes and try them out on my "meatatarian" husband, I want to find a job I love hopefully at the local children's hospital, I want to be part of North Texas Rabbit Society, and North Texas animal rights organizations, I want to volunteer and live a fulfilling life here. I want to make this MY HOME.

But for now, the unpacking continues..