Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My previous blog was about DIY-ing a wedding on a small budget and my life during planning. Welllllll the wedding was cancelled due to family illness and we got married outside a courthouse, which was perfectly fine with me as long as it resulted in the same ending.

Christmas Eve Mike got a phone call from his company's headquarters asking him how he'd feel about relocating to Fort Worth, TX for a huge promotion. The day before New Years Eve he was on a flight to DFW and returned to Orlando that night with HUGE news. They'd offered him OVER DOUBLE his current salary, a moving bonus and stay in a ritzy hotel while we house hunted. The offer was too good to refuse.

But.. Texas? I never saw myself as a "Texas Girl". As I said though, too good to refuse. I researched nursing schools in the area, found options for apartments and the "what to do" to set up residency (out of state tuition is RIDICULOUS). For now, I'm a stay at home wife.. considering we moved a few weeks into Spring semester and there was NO WAY I'd be getting into a school here. It gets boring, especially considering there is still unpacking to do and I've had the flu.

This new blog is just to keep me occupied, a way to keep in touch with the world in over 140 characters ;] I plan on getting into shape, finishing my BSN, becoming a fabulous housewife and hopefully.. someday.. making babies.. whoa scary. I want to learn new vegan recipes and try them out on my "meatatarian" husband, I want to find a job I love hopefully at the local children's hospital, I want to be part of North Texas Rabbit Society, and North Texas animal rights organizations, I want to volunteer and live a fulfilling life here. I want to make this MY HOME.

But for now, the unpacking continues..

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