Monday, June 28, 2010

It's been a week or so

and things have changed dramatically.

I've lived in little apartments the majority of my adult life. We moved here expecting to live in an apartment for a year, maybe two and move into a home. Until we got a flyer in the mail last week about a new gated community being built. Affordable, yet beautiful homes a mile north of the Tarrant county line. Had the homes been built a mile south, they'd easily be $50-100k more expensive. We made an appointment, still not expecting anything except insight. We went through all the details, Mike alone makes too much money to qualify for the $15,000 new homeowners grant. We kept pushing on because we liked the community and wanted to see if we could fit it in our budget, being a one salary family we have to keep our budget in line. He checked our credit, etc. (surprisingly mine was 2pts better than Mike's!) and we were pre-approved.

He took us first to the smallest option, 3bed/2bath/2CG/2 floors/1400 sq ft. It was nice, we liked it but the rooms were small, the bathrooms (especially the master) were TINY, the kitchen was the size of our apt kitchen and there was no formal dining room. He marked out the pricing for it and including taxes it was $100 more/month than we pay for our apt. NOT BAD AT ALL. Mike piped up (which he never does) and said "I'd like to look at the 'Blanco' (the step up) if possible, I think we can definitely afford it." Our rep said "I don't want to show it to you unless you really think you can do it, because I promise you're going to fall in love with it and never return to the one we're in. It's got everything you want and is our most popular floorplan." He drew up the pricing for that and it was only a $75 difference/month from the one we were standing in. Mike said we could do it "as long as Angel stops her Target habit, and we don't go out to eat as often." and the rep started describing it.. he started off with "Island Kitchen." SOLD, LET'S GO! hahaha. He really didn't even have to further his details. Off we went in his Mercedes (leather seats, the smell made me gag.) to the Blanco. There were two lots available, one for July 26th move in and one for September 30th. We pulled up to the one already built and ready for July 26th and there was a SOLD sign on it. He still let us look around, take pictures and decide.

The second we walked up to it we knew it was what we wanted. He handed me the key and let me turn it. It was love at first sight. Get ready for an orgy of pictures. My dumbass forgot to take a picture of the exterior, but I'll update that when we sign all our paperwork after July 4th weekend.

I figured I'd be nice and put them in a picasa album instead of having to scroll my entire blog to lurk them.

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