Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dinner last night!

We met with our loan officer around 6pm and finished up the paperwork to get the house going. I hadn't planned dinner but all that I could think about was Mac & Cheez w/ chik'n nuggets or pizza. I only had one piece of Mac left in the freezer which would definitely not feed me and Mike plus give him a lunch to bring for work. Hmm. Pizza! I went to this place, zpizza a few weeks ago with Lauren and her family. They have 100% organic sauce, offer gluten free dough ANDDDD have daiya mozzarella shreds, plus a shitload of toppings. So off we went.

Roasted garlic, daiya, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and avocado, sprinkled with some s&p and oregano.

It was sooooooooo good! Then we came home and indulged in lemon sorbet. Don't judge me, we were celebrating :]

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  1. How I miss pizza.... we don't have daiya or vegan and gluten-free pizza bases over here.