Monday, July 12, 2010

master cleanse.

So I was all about doing this master cleanse by the book until this morning.. when I looked in the fridge and saw all of the organic veggies that would be going to waste if I didn't eat them (hubby likes green beans and carrots.. that's about it)

SOOO modified master cleanse. I am going to only drink the lemonade and water, and eat small dinners. I know, I know it defeats the purpose... BUT although I drink as much water as I can [remember to] I'm sure its definitely not as much as I should be drinking, and I'm sure the lemonade with all its yummy enzymes will be much better for me than :coughsweettea: which I drink A LOT of. Once all the organic produce and perishable items are out of the fridge, I will definitely do 10 days straight of JUST the lemonade and water. After the complete cleanse I plan on adding more "raw" foods to my diet, less processed (in fact I want to try and wean myself completely off processed foods.. but we'll see), and drinking only water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Speaking of fresh juice, I have to thank my hubby and numerous infomercials for us caving and finally buying a Bullet Express. I LOVE THIS THING! It's first use was to make the fresh lemonade for the master cleanse, but I will be using this thing for EVERYTHING. It will definitely become a staple on our kitchen counter.

So one drink down and I'm a failure. I'm sorry! I just can't say no to fresh organic [read:expensive] produce :[

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