Friday, August 27, 2010

20 minute stir fry.

i have no clue why i haven't blogged this recipe earlier considering i make this EVERY.WEEK.
20 minute stir fry
enough rice for however many people you're feeding (1/2c pp)
1 can (organic) cut green beans drained
1 can (organic) whole kernel corn
1 can (organic) cut carrots
1 cup (organic) frozen/fresh edamame
1 cup (organic) frozen/fresh broccoli

*i always use organic, but you don't HAVE to.

dump rice in rice cooker (if you don't have one of these, GET ONE! It will save you SO much time and the rice always comes out PERFECT)

cover with water, water should come up just a bit over the rice. splash of evoo and a tsp of salt, mix. close lid and press cook.

while that is cooking, spray a large pan or wok with non stick spray.

if you're using any frozen veggies, toss them in a bowl of water and microwave for 1 minute. drain water.

toss all veggies in the pan and cook for 10 minutes, cover with enough soy sauce to coat and let it reduce for 5 minutes.

Pour veggies over the rice. DONE.

Serve with spring rolls, or teriyaki glazed tofu (or chicken for you meat eaters, which is what my husband does)

10 minute teriyaki glazed [enter protein here]
cut tofu [or animal protein if you're into that sorta thing] into thin strips

spray pan with non-stick

toss in pan and cook until brown

cover in teriyaki glaze/sauce and turn off heat.


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  1. Yo this sounds kickin! BTW-I am st8edge vegan, retired military.
    Good to know there are "others" in the ranks!!!!!
    Lived in Tejas as too.
    Orig. from da bronx.