Monday, August 30, 2010

Holy progress batman!

We stopped by our homesite on the way back from our midwife appointment, which btw..

..we were pleasantly surprised with how much had been done when we peeked inside the house!

Our pest control system has been installed!

Our air conditioner is in!

Water heater is in!

Tile went down!

Cabinets are up! (don't mind the ugly laminate, they don't offer an upgrade so once we close we're installing Quartz or Granite)

All of our light fixtures were up as well!

Next up: Carpets. Unsure if bathroom fixtures are in although considering the kitchen cabinets are up, I'm sure the bathrooms are too; we couldn't walk in because the tile was setting. Fence and sod and DONE

So three more weeks and we close :) SO exciting!

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