Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Strike one.

Considering my goal in life is to become a CNM (certified nurse-midwife), having a homebirth or birthing in a center is extremely important to me when thinking about my future pregnancy. Having heard many horror stories about unnecessary interventions while in hospitals, I started looking for a midwife the second the Mr. and I decided to TTC. Being new to Texas, I am happy to have a friend with the same mindset. I made an appointment at a birthing center not so far from where we live, it also happened to be close to said friend so she wanted to come too. She'd read that this particular birthing center offered the choice of VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) which is what she was looking for. Her story is not mine to tell, but feel free to hop over to her blog and read her point of view.

Walking in was like a breath of fresh air. It was so homey and welcoming, albeit slightly dated. We'd gotten there 10mins early and were asked to take a seat. We sat, talked, and were entertained by the awesomeness that is an adventurous 16 month old. They were busy, I totally understand that.. but it felt like an eternity of waiting. Cue gorgeous mother walking into the center. Tall, thin, everything I wanted to be. Well, the height I can't really do anything about, I will be 4'11" forever.. or at least until I start shrinking when I'm old. I thought about just excusing ourselves and scheduling to meet another day, but just then a woman came up to us. She looked like the wicked witch minus the green face paint. I'm not being mean, I'm being honest. She did. She seemed cold and distant, probably because her mind was on the mother about to pop. She asked if we had any questions, being put on the spot I hadn't really considered anything. I'd read up on their website and had plenty of knowledge on the subject already (HELLO, I wouldn't choose this as my profession without doing research first) Miss Lauren asked about VBACs and the woman's answer was "no we don't do them anymore, although I wish we did." My eardrums ruptured as I could hear my new friend's heart breaking. Why WISH you could do something?! Why not just DO it, I understand the risks involved but the risks of a repeat cesarean are MUCH higher. She rushed us through a tour of the facility rooms decked in grandma's hand me downs, handed me a card and sent us on our way.

We huffed and puffed a bit in the car, went home and watched The Business of Being Born where we both got teary eyed and indulged in vegan brownies.

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